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Unique and functional design combined with durability and high efficiency!

Full spectrum control – Each set contains a controller that gives its user full control of all four light channels individually, all-in-one light for each growth phase. An experienced grower can freely adjust the spectrum and light intensity adequate to needs of the cultivated plants. We also deliver light programs on demand.

Inspection mode – Working with turned-on lights is safe and comfortable, with a light color suited for the human eye.

Passive COOLING – Our unique design allowed us to eliminate the common problem of high temperature management inside the grow room. This also has a positive effect on lifetime of the lights.

Proven results – Our lights have been tested at the Polish Horticulture Institute – InHort in Skierniewice, the end-results have been described in various scientific dissertations by Dr. Bożena Matysiuk, Dr. Jacek Dyśko. We receive many positive feedback from growers who work with our products on a daily basis.

Created by growers for growers – We use our lights on a daily basis in our homes and headquarters. This gives us a deep understanding of customer needs. Extensive experiencing our own products allows us to steady improve ourselves and our portfolio.

Additional features

Daisy chain – Multiple panel connection method with wire, full control with one pad.

– Wireless multiple panel connection, full control with one pad.

Custom fixed spectrum – On customers demand we can fix a chosen spectrum in our lights and/or customize the panel itself (for example 300 W panel with a fixed spectrum for flowering, without control pad and daisy chain option).

Certification – IP65, CE, RoHS Compliance, FCC

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Power: 150W
Producer of power supply sources: Mean well
Power source power: 1x 150W
Input voltage: AC240V 50hz
Electric voltage: 1500mA
Voltage: 48V
Dimensions and weight of the power source: 220x70x40 mm / 1.15kg
LED manufacturer: OSRAM
Diode type: OSLON SSL
Diode power: 3W
Number of LEDs: 80
The angle of incidence of light: 80
Permanent spectrum: 445nm, 450nm, 660nm, 730nm, 5000K
Modes of operation: Inspection / growth
dimming: All channels

Spectrum information (Standard set of LEDs) 

• Plant based LED lighting system for greenhouses 


• Universal light spectrum suitable for most plants
• Forced convection
• Overheat protection
• On / Off switch Advantages • Enormous energy efficiency • Fast and convenient installation • Optimal spectrum for a specific plant • 3-year warrantyOptional • Spectral composition tailored to customer needs • Spectrum optimization for specific plant species Spectrum information for 4 channels


Deep blue White
In order to support lateral growth of plants. To support the absorption of light.
Hyper red Far red
To support the longitudinal growth of plants. In order to support flowering plants and increase production.

PPF (μmol / s): 486 μmol / m 2 / s
PPFD (μmol / m 2 / s 50 cm from the plant tops): 123,11 μmol / m 2 / s

PPDF GS Sunray 150 Dark 
PPFD GS Sunray 150 Dark room
PPDF GS Sunray 150 Tent with a silver coating 200D PPFD GS Sunray 150 PPFD Silver padding 200D
PPDF GS Sunray 150 Growspec tent with white coating 1680D PPFD GS Sunray 150 PPFD White padding 1680D 

Mol per hour / mol / m 2 / h (100cm from plant tops): 0.44 moles / m 2 / h
Maximum DLI (50cm from plant tops): 10,6mol / m 2 / d
HPS equivalent: 400W
Cooling: Passive - heat sink with high efficiency
Average working temperature: 60 o C
Maximum recorded working temperature (August + 32 ° C outside): 64 ° C

Lifespan: Up to 100,000h (31lat) -15 / 20% after 85,000h
IP degree: IP54
Cable length (from the lamp to the power source): 1750mm
Controller cable length (from the lamp to the controller connector): 1000mm
Controller cable length (from connector to controller): 500mm

Material: Pressed aluminum
Dimensions and weight: 294 x 185 x 104 mm, 8kg
Dimensions and weight of the packaging: 340 x 300 x 160mm, 9kg
certificates: CE
Set contains: 150W LED light, 1x 150W power supply, 1x controller, 1x plug (EU), instruction
Warranty: 3 years