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Growing pot

A unique growing pot

You can build any cultivation system yourself from the growing container. The number of containers above is limited only by the displacement of the pump.

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The design of the container is black to restrict the transmission of light to the root system. The vessels are designed for INDOOR cultivation! Do not expose them to direct sunlight, due to possible overheating of the root system or twisting of the containers due to high temperatures! At the bottom of the container there is a unique drainage system, ensuring the uniform distribution of the nutrient solution throughout the entire length and width of the container to maximize the utilization of the area by the nutrient film technique - NFT. For, this drainage system allows so-called planting directly into a nutrient solution, without the need for non-woven fabric, clay, rockwool or other growing media. It is economical, time-saving, and ecological when planting and harvesting.

The growing container does not exclude the use of such media. For example, the growing container is designed for use with a strainer when planting in rockwool cubes or without using a lid. Where the strainer is inserted into the drain hole it must slide to the bottom as far as it will go and the clay added, a centimeter below the top of the strainer, where the top of the strainer is designed as overflow and prevents eventual overflow of the edge of the container. It is necessary to prevent blockage of the strainer, especially roots or inappropriate media. It is also necessary to think that the root system of the plant will pick up and lift the clay or even the strainer, so daily level control is necessary in order to prevent this phenomenon. This procedure, ie the use of clay is suitable for root-spreading plants such as mint, but also for strawberries or salads, but also for the ease of maintenance of this system.

The pot can be used as a spinning bowl, especially for wheat, an integral part of the container is the waste which is ready for the connection of certified pipes. The rim on top of the growing pot - defines the position of the lid and ensures tightness of the container as a whole in the case of reflected water when it is overflowed or possible to allow the water to drip into the interior of the container. The slot grooves on the front of the container, when used with the large holder, serve to secure the position of the feed pan to prevent moving forwards or side to side.